"How to" videos/case studies for Cluster Searching

These case studies are:


What is Cluster Searching ?

This is a simple introduction to the concept of Cluster Searching:



How do a do a Patentability search using Cluster Searching

This is a very common question - I have a new widget, and want to know if it is patentable

The traditional answer is to run a keyword based search in a free site such as Google patent or Espacenet, or a paid subscription site. And this is certainly a good first step - but:

  • How do you know you have run the best query?
  • How many irrelevant patents will you find?

In contrast, if you enter a few good patents into Cluster Searching you will quickly find many more similar patents, regardless of any keyword assumptions.

Check out the video below to show how the magic of Cluster Searching can quickly grow your patentability search: 


How to quickly expand a patent examination search

A search report has been published - the prior art is known right? 
But is it? In this short video we show how merely knowing a patent number can instantly lead to many more relevant patents being found, the vast majority being missed by patent examiners.
How easy is this?


New prior art search for America's most litigated patent

With 457 assertions,  104 known citations and 60 family members, you would have thought that this patent would have searched to death? But lets see what Ambercite Cluster Searching can do, using the power of its ability to find 'Unknown citations':


How to find new prior art for a recently granted EP patent

This EP patent has just been granted, and the EP search reports shows five prior art patents. The Google search shows no prior art patents.

And how many patents does Cluster Searching show? Check out the video below: 


Introduction to AmberScope

AmberScope was our first online tool, and introduced many people to the concept of advanced citation searching. Even today users like to use AmberScope to gain a visual feel for the patent landscape, and for more exploratory searching.