Testimonials - Cluster Searching and AmberScope

Cluster Searching and Amberscope is already attracting rave reviews from its users, which include: Patent Brokers and Licensing Specialists, Patent owners and IP managers, Patent examiners, Patent attorneys and lawyers, and Patent searchers:


Patent brokers and Licensing Specialists

"Utilizing a mix of complementary search techniques is a key to our success in servicing the needs of our clients.  While there are many tools available, most provide a broader range of functions rather than the sharp focus of Ambercite on multi-level citation analysis.  For us, Ambercite is mission critical by providing us with a state of the art citation based search tool that is best in class." -  Mitchell S. Rosenfeld, Managing Director, Black Stone IP LLC. (Black Stone IP is a boutique investment bank that values and trades technology and IP assets - and was recently selected by Yahoo to sell a substantial part of its patent portfolio)


Patent owners and IP managers

I love it. In fact, you know you’re onto a great thing when you have no idea how I managed before (seriously – what did we all do?!)” - Megan Hoare, Intellectual Property Counsel, Breville Limited (multi-national manufacturing company). 


"Ambercite is a leap forward in efficiency and organization. I work very fast, through a number of patents with this platform, and it has significantly improved my patent research workflow. It allows me to visualize and catalog prior art in a way that is intuitive and more closely resembles my mental map. Thank you for giving me the gift of time, and freeing me up to focus on the surgical and medical treatment of women's cancer, and the research and innovations we are aggressively pursuing." - Mark Hunter, M.D.,Director of Gynecologic Oncology, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, University of Missouri


"Ambercite Clustering has managed to create a tool to enhance chemical patent due diligence in a remarkable way…revealing art which may cover compounds in discovery within claims of a generic scope.  Congratulations!" - Patent Analyst, global pharmaceutical company, USA 


A fantastic tool for technical/IP folk in terms of opportunity finding and to establish the landscape; in terms of how active an area is already and who potentially owns patents in that area, including who files good patents in that area. It’s also good for company landscape searches, and indicating how strong competition is in a particular area. It works well with Google patents. IP manager, global manufacturing company.

"I can not appreciate how much work and time this program has saved us. Its capability to analyse all possible relevant patents in accordance to timeline, key words and other means are a great filtering tool. The degree of relevance highlighted by the thickness and type of arrows are even more helpful in eventually pinpointing a possible IP area to target the new technology". - Kishan Nawzidh, Monash University

"I was able to uncover significantly more patents that were relevant to my topic, ... much more quickly than when compared to a text based site.  I found the graphical representation very intuitive and easy to use.  It also opened up relevant areas that I would not have otherwise considered". - Mechanical Engineering Consultant, for a new product engineering company.


"AmberScope was able to find a novelty knockout document for a granted patent where the novelty knockout document was missed both the PTO and a leading US attorney firm asked to provide a validity opinion"  - IP Manager


Patent examiners

"The top ranked patent, USxxxxxxx, was very good because it found an element that is hard to search for, i.e. 'independent power settings'.  The 'independent power settings' are hard to search for because searching for something like "power near2 settings" would return several thousand hits and most of them would not be for independent power settings and limiting that search with an adjective like "independent" would filter out a lot of good results.  And it's amazing that it came up first in your search...  Also the top three most relevant patents are owned by [X], and they are all more basic than application I'm looking at, so the chances are high that the company using the application I'm working on owes [X] some licensing fees."  - Patent Examiner of a world leading patent office.


In just a few minutes I was able to find several relevant documents additional to International Search Reports”.
Mr. Tudor Jovmir, Patent examiner


"In 33% of our test cases with AmberScope we were able to find ‘X’ citations, i.e. patents highly relevant to novelty, that we did not find through any other search process we applied". Patent office.


Patent attorney and lawyers

"I represent [X] in their case against [Y].  I was thoroughly impressed by your analysis of the [Y] patents"  - US patent attorney


"Fantastic, its a wonderful tool." - Malcolm Jones, Patent attorney, Perth, Australia.


"We would like to mention how great we think the AmberScope search tool performs. We had the opportunity to test it now already for a case we are working on and it performs brilliantly." - Dr. Patrick Daum, M.Sc., B.Sc, European Patent Attorney


"I am a cynical man, but I love it" - B.N. Australian patent attorney and former patent examiner


"I spent two days looking for a relevant patent for a client using a conventional search. The second patent took me 30 minutes to find with AmberScope" - R.W., Patent Attorney


"I was able to find a patent I had not seen before, even after 20 years in the technical area" - G.S, Patent Attorney


I was looking for a prior art patent to invalidate a granted patent that was blocking a client’s product coming to market. I had tried a conventional patent search, and even a conventional citation search, but without luck. So I ran the search in AmberScope – and by exploring the visual links was able to find a prior art patent that essentially discloses the blocking patent. My client is now in a much better position to bring a product to market. Once again, AmberScope has found prior art missed by other searching techniques.” Gennaro Simonetta – Patent attorney, IP consultant – Griffith Hack


"I recently used AmberScope for a novelty search and got a knock-out hit in less than half an hour. Even though, we generally use other platforms for searches I have to admit once you use Amberscope, you can't go back to anything else. Keep up the good work!" -  A.M, Australian patent attorney


"Thanks Ambercite, still loving it" - Patent attorney and founder, Minneapolis


Patent Searchers

"Bloody brilliant....using AmberScope ...I found prior art we should definitely be aware of. And yes it was missed by the Australian and US examiner even though it is by the same applicant.....this tool will potentially be the centre piece tool for every patent search and every examiner" - Patent search manager, in reference to a search for a global litigation.


"My role is more directly analyzing patents including claims, infringement and prior art. AmberScope appears exceptional for identifying prior art from anything else I've seen." - Paul Morinville, CEO at OrgStructure, US


"Just to make you aware that I have used your AmberScope product with good success" - Curtis Droege, President, Tungsten IP


What is your Ambercite story? Please come back to us with your stories to help let other people in our community know about Ambercite can do for them.