Patent owners

The patents in your business may be some of your most valuable assets,  and may even be the main driver for your business. However not all patent portfolios have an equal value.

Our tools can provide patent owners with a realistic assessment of the relative dominance and importance of their patents. We can help patent owners make hard decisions regarding the management, assertion, disposal or abandonment of their patents. 

AmberScope can help you quickly check the relative value of your patent and show you what are the most similar earlier or later patents to your invention. If you have a larger portfolio, then Cluster Searching can help you to prioritize and make decisions about how to best monetize your assets. If your aspirations and portfolio is larger and you need to understand the technology landscape, then NPAlandscape analysis might be right for you.

Contact us today to learn about how the application of AmberScope, Cluster Searching or NPA landscape analysis can assist the management of your patents.