Getting started with AmberScope

AmberScope is a revolutionary new way of patent searching, unlike anything else you likely have ever used before.

For this reason, we have prepared a variety of introductory material to ease you into using AmberScope:

Introduction to AmberScope

From the links below, you can: 

  • Learn about the one minute tour available in AmberScope Learn more
  • Learn about 10 unique features only offered in AmberScope  Learn more


How to do a simple patent search

This is in 5 short parts, each part covering some of the unique features and benefits of AmberScope: 

1) Entering and reviewing patents   Learn more

2) Finding similar and important patents  Learn more

3) Exploring the patent network Learn more

4) Seeing more with 'Ghost patents'  Learn More

5) Saving and sharing files Learn More


Setting up and managing your account in AmberScope

How to set up and manage your subscription in AmberScope. Learn More


Case studies

Check out some compelling case studies using known Google and Apple patents that provide guidance how to use AmberScope most effectively to identify similar patents or discover other valuable information. Or read our testimonials from satisfied users.

Case studies     Testimonials