Ambercite Ai Release 4 - Patent searching just got a whole lot easier

October 9 2017 By now you’re almost certainly familiar with Ambercite Ai, our renowned patent searching system that uses AI assisted algorithms to find and rank the most similar patents to one or more queried patents. As well as saving a huge amount of time, Ambercite Ai eliminates the risk of faulty patent search assumptions – resulting in a far greater degree of relevancy than you’ll obtain through conventional semantic searching.

However, despite its enormous benefits - and popularity with some of the world's largest patent owners - you may have noticed that Ambercite Ai’s results were not always as easy to evaluate as with some other systems.

You’ll be pleased to learn that this is no longer the case:

Enter Ambercite Ai version 4.0

In the words of  one regular user , Ambercite Ai 4.0 represents:

 "A huge leap from the previous review interface. Suddenly jumped to being one of the best".

As an example, take a look at the search for US9,000,000, - a patent for the conditioning of rainwater collected to clean car windshields.

You’ll see that the actual search interface hasn’t changed that much. You simply input one or more query patents, and if you like, select options for the date filter, country preference, and number of results to be returned. 

Search interface.gif

But the results are enhanced – you’ll see that with the addition of representative images and abstracts they’re now easier to follow. The top 10 ranked results are shown below:

US9000000 search.jpg

This means that the title and abstract filter immediately becomes more useful:

rainwater filter.gif

Or, as an alternative to keyword filtering - or maybe in parallel? - there is a keyword highlighting tool:

Rainwater highlighter.gif

This is a table-based view of reviewing patents, which can be very useful. (Tip - setting the zoom on your browser to 150 to 200% of normal can help you view many images more easily.)

But there is another and quite unique way of reviewing results - the review box. To open up a review box, simply click on an image or abstract. The following review box will appear:


A review box allows you to assess every patent, one at at time. If you think a patent is relevant, you can 'like' it, as a note to yourself, by either clicking the ‘Like’ button shown above, or by using the keyboard shortcut ‘L’. Similarly, you can use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard  or mouse click, to quickly scroll through results. And as before, you can also look up further details in Google and Espacenet if you prefer orgo to AmberScope to see a visualizationcentred view

And at the end of the search?

You can export all of the patents, the liked patents only, or just show the liked patents:

Liked patents.gif


What does this mean to you?

Ambercite Ai smarts have long given you the ability to use only a patent number(s) to find similar patents, whether cited or uncited, without having to worry about making time consuming and risky assumptions about keywords and class codes.

This new review capability means that evaluation of these similar patents is now very fast - allowing you to quickly focus on the patents that matter

The result overall? 

Patent searching just got a whole lot easier. 



A video demonstrating the new Ambercite Ai in action, on uS9,000,000, is found on this page here


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