Reviewing patents should be easy.....and in Ambercite, it is

September 9th 2018: Ambercite is an AI based patent search tool for finding similar patents to one or more starting patents. A search is simple in nature - relevant patent numbers are entered, search criteria confirmed, and a list of relevant results are obtained, ranked in terms of similarity to the starting patents. A typical query might look like this:


And this will return a set of results looking like this

These results can be very relevant and save hours of time compared to conventional searching - but how can they be efficiently reviewed?

How can we efficiently review the results?

There are several options available to help with this:

  1. Keyword highlighting

  2. Filtering on any column, including keywords in title or abstract

  3. Patent review box

  4. Google Patent, Espacenet and Amberscope lookups.

These will be discussed below.

1. Keyword highlighting

A quick review of US10001234 shows that sealing and annular are keywords for this invention. So we can add some highlighting for these keywords:

keyword highlighting.gif

Note from this example that we can use the wildcard operator * - which can also be applied in front of a keyword, for example *car* if required. Also each keyword is highlighted in a different colour.


2. Filtering on any column, including keywords in title or abstract

Along the same lines, we can also filter for keywords in any of the provided columns, as shown below.

keyword filter.gif

For those experienced with keyword filtering, this filter works the same as in Excel.

In other words, spaces before or after a keyword can change what is returned. So the following query


will return all patents with a title or abstract containing any of the following words: "seal", "sealed", "sealing", "seals".


"seal " (note the space after the word seal)

will only return patents with the word "seal" in the title or abstract.

Similarly, the query

" car", with a space before car but not after

will return patents containing "car", "cars", but not "sportscar".


3. Patent Review Box

Besides scrolling through rows of patents, there is also a patent review box. To access this, simply double click on any picture or abstract, and something like this will appear:

Patent review panel.gif


Compared to reviewing rows of results of patents, the text is in a larger font, the image is a lot larger, and it is just easier to use.  This is particularly so if using Ambercite on a smaller screen such as a laptop.

If you use the Prev and Next buttons shown in blue, you can quickly and easily work your way up and down the list. You can also move up and down the list of results by using the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard - and this is very useful feature I use all of the time.

Also shown in this image are buttons linking to Google Patent, Espacenet or Amberscope. Which brings us to our 4th feature for the easy review of patents, to be discussed in the next section.



4. Google Patent, Espacenet and Amberscope lookups.

You can also look further information from external websites. If we were to click on the Google patents button shown above, this would open up a new window, similar to shown on the right


Not shown above, is that the the full page also shows the full patent specification, claims, access to family members, current assignee etc. There is a lot of useful information on these Google hyperlinks.

In addition:

  • The same keywords highlighted on Ambercite are also highlighted in the Google lookup.

  • If you are looking up the details of for example a Chinese or Japanese patent, or any non-English patent, Google will show you an English language translation of the patent specification on the page.

Google patent lookups can be very helpful, but unfortunately do not cover all jurisdictions - although many major jurisdictions such as US, WO, CN, JP, KR, and CA are included. If you do find that the Google lookup does not work, you can use the Espacenet lookup, as discussed next.

There are also links to Espacenet and Amberscope available. There should be  an Espacenet lookup for every patent in our database, and this can include full family information, legal status information, and access to full documents. However we have not worked out how to preset keyword highlighting in Espacenet.

Espacenet lookup.gif


There are also links to our unique patent network visualisation tool AmberscopeL

Amberscope lookup.gif



















Besides the lookups shown in the patent details box, links to these lookups are also provided in the rows of results. The "G" symbol will open the link in Google Patent, the "E" symbol in Espacenet, and the Ambercite symbol will open up Amberscope.

lookup selector.gif
Query filter.gif


You can also filter the results in advance, via options in the query: 


There are options in this query setup to alter the default date filter, change the number of results returned, family members shown, and the type of search. However a full description of these options is beyond the objective of this blog. 


So if you are using Ambercite, we invite you to check this these different review options - you might be surprised by how easy they are to use. 

Would you prefer to watch the video?

If so, check out the link below:


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