Introducing the new Ambercite Ai - 'No search is complete without it'

Since its release Cluster Searching has attracted a lot of interest due to its unique ability to find patents missed by conventional searching. In late 2016 this moved to family data, and now we are pleased to report the next stage of its development - 'Ambercite Ai' - the next generation of patent searching.












So - how does this compare to the earlier product Cluster Searching?

Ambercite Ai has been inspired by feedback from our customers, who have been asking for features that build on its existing ability to instantly find patent families missed by other search engines - and to rank these families using our unique similarity engine.

These improvements include:

  1. Three different types of patent searches - being novelty (general patent searching), validity and Licensing. At the moment the differences between these types of searches are quite subtle, only being different in the outputs shown, but having three types of searches will allow fine tuning of the search algorithms in the future.
  2. A second date filter has been added, based on the earliest publication date for all family members. We think that this will be particularly useful for invalidation searches.
  3. CPC classification codes have been added to the results. Uses wishing to filter results by CPC code can do this by the existing filters.
  4. Users can preference the representative family member. Ambercite Ai delivers results as patent families, which we show via representative patents. We now offer the ability for users to choose their preferred family member from a short list we provide - which includes the ability t to preference patents from the likes of Germany (DE), Europe, China and Japan.
  5. We also offer direct links to further patent details in either Espacenet or Google patent. Some users prefer Google patent, but unfortunately coverage is imperfect. Other users prefer Espacenet, and coverage is complete.  Regardless of your preference - you now have a choice.
  6. Provision of abstracts, keyword highlighting and filtering, and representative images.
  7. And lastly, we have improved the display of the results in small screens - as small as browsers on smartphones, although this is not the recommended display option for Ambercite Ai.


So what does this mean to users?

  • Easier to use than ever before - easier to review results - and more user-friendly
  • More options to quickly find what you are looking
  • And because of its unique citation searching algorithms - it really is a tool whose unique approach means that 'no search is complete without it'.


Want to try Ambercite Ai for yourself?

Ambercite Ai is a very fast and easy to use web application. Free demonstrations and confidential trials are available to qualified applicants - please contact us (details below) to arrange a short demonstration and trial. You may be surprised and impressed by just how much time and money you may save.

As for pricing, Ambercite Ai is available to companies, organisations and individuals at a very competitive annual subscription - we are happy to discuss this in person.