What are the benefits of subscribing to Ambercite?

Ambercite applies a unique citation based algorithm, and a unique Augmented Searching process, to help searching professionals such as you find highly relevant patents missed by conventional patent searching - and in much less time that conventional patent searching alone. Leading companies such as Phillip, Siemens, Nestle and Daimler-Benz, as well as leading patent attorney firms and analysts in four continents already use Ambercite to reinforce their existing patent searching processes.

How does the paid version compare to the trial version?

The no-cost trial version is to help you see for yourself that Ambercite  is  a valuable, efficient and easy to use system for patent professionals.  We have enabled practically every feature of the program so you can understand how it works.  Being a trial version, there are limitations are on the quantity of results (25) you can see, and number of searches (20) you can do.

Check out the comparison of features below, to see for yourself the benefits of moving to the paid version of Ambercite.


Trial version

Paid version

Maximum number of query patents in one search



Maximum number of results



Hidden results


No results are hidden

Principle of finding similar patents

An advanced AI algorithm is applied to our database of 100 million patents and 150 patent citations – designed to find you a ranked list of similar patents regardless of keywords and class codes.

Free yourself from the missed patents and time lost in conventional patent searching. Or use it to help confirm and double check your existing results.

Text highlights



Column filters

On all columns

On all columns


On all columns

On all columns

Reviewing patents

Review patents in table or patent summary form

Export to Excel



Types of search

Novelty, Licensing and Validity

Novelty, Licensing and Validity

Number of searches per month



Account expiry

21 days

12 months to 10 years

External links

Google Patents, Espacenet and Amberscope

Google Patents, Espacenet and Amberscope

Like or hide specific patents



Ready to take the next step? Contact us below for a consultation about an upgrade to the paid version, and unlock these great features for yourself.