Ambercite and its products including Cluster Searching, AmberScope and Network Patent Analysis (NPA)  analyse patent data using statistical techniques that are based on available patent citation and ownership data. These outputs are purely mathematical in nature, and do not take into account the personal or professional opinions of any individuals or associates of Ambercite. These outputs are intended to be used as a tool to help support further analysis, and should not be used by themselves and without professional advice on the relevancy of the outputs to your unique circumstances. Data should not be relied upon to prove, without any further analysis by a qualified professional, any opinion of the value, patentability, validity, freedom to operate or infringement of any patent, patents or inventions.

Users should also be aware that available patent citation data is imperfect, and this may affect the results of any analysis that is undertaken.

Imperfections and limitations in patent and patent citation data may arise from many sources, including from errors and limitations outside of our control in the citation data that is: supplied by patent applicants to patent offices; discovered and listed by patent examiners; published in an indexable form by patent offices; compiled by our patent data supplier; made available to us in a timely manner; and processed by us in line with other operational requirements.

© Patent Analytics Holding Pty Ltd. Ambercite™, Cluster Searching, Network Patent Analysis™, NPA™ and Find Better Patents Faster™ are trade marks of Patent Analytics Holding Pty Ltd. Components of the processes used to perform Network Patent Analysis and AmberScope are the subject of patent applications filed in the United States and elsewhere.

No products of Ambercite should be used for any form of Freedom To Operate searching, unless in a complementary form to more traditional forms of patent searching.