At Ambercite, your satisfaction with our service is our highest priority.

Our AmberScope, Cluster Searching and websites are designed to make your patent searching experience as productive as possible, and we invite you to search our help files for online assistance that may help resolve any issues you may experience. Should you not be satisfied with our products we also invite you to contact us directly to discuss any concerns that do arise, and we will do our best to help you to resolve these concerns. This may include working directly with you on your search queries to ensure that our products are being used in an optimal manner.

Whilst our policy is not to provide a refund or replacement if you simply change your mind about our products, we will provide a refund when systemic problems occur, including:

  • you are prevented from using the product by a problem that, if you had known about it, would have led you not to purchase a subscription.
  • the product is significantly different to what we have described to you.
  • the product doesn’t provide what we said it would, and this cannot be easily fixed.

If the problem you experience is not significant, we will attempt to rectify this problem within a reasonable timeframe. If the problem is not rectified within a reasonable timeframe, you can request and we will provide a refund.

Also please note natural and unavoidable limitation in the patent data and patent citation data, as discussed in our Data quality and general disclaimer policy.