Patent Search - Family Cluster Searching

Confirm that you have found all of the right patents. 

A second opinion in seconds

  • Find critical patents missed by other tools.
  • Simply input a starting list of relevant patents - any family member will do
  • Results are ranked by similarity and can be easily screened and exported
  • Also great for patentability or licensing searching



Patent Search Tools - AmberScope

Patent Search Tools - AmberScope

Explore new prior art.

Explore the patent landscape

  • Understand how patents cluster together over similar claims.
  • Discover unusual ways of describing prior art.
  • Similarity and patent scoring let you prioritize.
  • Potential infringements are clearly highlighted.



Network Patent Analysis

Patent Landscape Analysis

Patent Landscape Analysis Service

Precise grouping and ranking

With Network Patent Analysis™ (NPA™) we build vast citation networks, then show areas of technology focus and rank patents and portfolios. Compared to keyword grouping, results are more precise and technology clusters are more inclusive.



What does Ambercite do?

Saves you hours in time while finding patents missed by other search tools

We would like to mention how great we think the Ambercite search tool performs. We had the opportunity to test it now already for a case we are working on and it performs brilliantly.

Dr Patrick Daum, M.Sc., B.Sc, European Patent Attorney

Ambercite is a leap forward in efficiency and organization. I work very fast, through a number of patents, with this platform, and it has significantly improved my patent research workflow. It allows me to visualize and catalog prior art in a way that is intuitive and more closely resembles my mental map. Thank you for giving me the gift of time, and freeing me up to focus on the surgical and medical treatment of women's cancer, and the research and innovations we are aggressively pursuing.

Mark Hunter, M.D.,Director of Gynecologic Oncology, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center

Amber Blog

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