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A professional, AI-assisted, citation-based patent search database,

that finds patents missed by conventional keyword searching.

AMBERCITE: No Patent Search is complete without it


Professional patent search tools and database

Use Ambercite Ai to find similar patents missed by traditional keyword search.

Prior Art, Validation, Licensing


Ambercite Ai patent search tools, combined with Ambercite's fully optimised Patent Database, find, score and rank patents often missed by conventional keyword searches –  extraordinarily quickly and easily. 

Our constantly updated optimised database contains over 100 million Patents representing over 55 million patent families from almost 100 jurisdictions around the world. These families are connected by 175 million citations, with each citation delivering a pearl of insight about patent similarity and importance. Our AI assisted tools analyse this complex network and deliver in seconds, a scored, ranked and prioritised list of patents.  Then our smart review, sort and filtering features help you zero in on the exact patents you’re looking for, giving you a far greater confidence level in the validity of your results.

An Ambercite search should be specified as an essential element of any quality assured search process.

AMBERCITE: No Patent Search is Complete without it.

Uniquely intuitive patent searching tools

The Ambercite Difference

Try Ambercite and you’ll immediately begin to see why our patent search tools represent a giant leap forward in IP research. By applying our advanced AI assisted algorithms and workflows, Ambercite Ai  quickly finds you a list of similar patents to one or more starting patents. And Amberscope gives you an easy to follow visual perspective of all the most important connections to a single patent.

Reduce risk, find hidden patents missed by conventional search

We all know that standard patent search software – relying on keywords, semantics and translation - can be notoriously inexact, time consuming, expensive - and still miss important patents. By contrast Ambercite’s ground-breaking engineering applies advanced big data algorithms to our database of over 175 million patent citations, and then uses unique data visualisations - to deliver you the most similar and relevant patents in seconds.

IP research with total confidence

Both Ambercite Ai and Amberscope are designed to complement to your standard patent search databases, to pinpoint your research and give you much-needed certainty in the accuracy of your patent searching. Alternatively, use either or both AI-assisted technologies as trouble-free, precise, stand alone tools. 

Used by leading patents owners and searchers the world over

Including patent owners, analysts, patent attorneys and searchers who want to ensure be that they have found all relevant patents to meet their objectives.

Ambercite: No patent search is complete without it.


"Utilizing a mix of complementary search techniques is a key to our success in servicing the needs of our clients....For us, Ambercite is mission critical by providing us with a state of the art citation based search tool that is best in class"

- Mitchell S Rosenfeld, Managing Director, Blackstone IP LLC.

"I am pleased to inform you that Ambercite is taking an evermore important part of our patent search activities - for a reason: it finds stuff"

- Kristian Luoto, Seppo Laine Patent Attorneys, Finland


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