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Ambercite Ai finds and ranks patents missed by conventional keyword searches –  extraordinarily quickly and easily. Then our smart review features zero in on the exact patents you’re after. Giving you far greater confidence, AI-assisted Ambercite is the perfect complement to your current search tools. No search and patent analysis is complete without it.

What does Ambercite do?

Find your patent missed from the other tools - quickly and easily. Ambercite Ai uses unique algorithms to find the most similar patents to one or more starting patents. Results are ranked by similarity, and searches are very quick and easy thanks to a simple and intuitive interface.

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A fantastic tool for technical/IP folk in terms of opportunity finding and to establish the landscape; in terms of how active an area is already and who potentially owns patents in that area, including who files good patents in that area. It’s also good for company landscape searches, and indicating how strong competition is in a particular area. It works well with Google patents”

- IP manager, global manufacturing company.

"I can not appreciate how much work and time this program has saved us. Its capability to analyse all possible relevant patents in accordance to timeline, key words and other means are a great filtering tool. The degree of relevance highlighted by the thickness and type of arrows are even more helpful in eventually pinpointing a possible IP area to target the new technology"

- Kishan Nawzidh, Monash University

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