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The Trial version is fully functional but displays only the top 20 results (vs up to 2,000 in the full version)

To see the detailed difference between this Trial Version and the full product, Click here.

Annual subscriptions run between US$ 1,000 and $ 2,000 per year per user, (based on a minimum 5 users and a range of other factors.) We have special prices for small attorney firms, inventors and consultants, as well as educational and public research institutions. Pricing for Patent owners is based on the size of the patent portfolio and can run as low as $25 per patent family for a mid size portfolio and one tenth of that for large portfolios. Corporate prices include unlimited users and virtually unlimited usage.
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Explore an interactive network of similar patents.  

Ambercite Ai

Uses AI search algorithms to provide a list of similar patents to one or more starting patents.

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Whether using these tools separately or together, Ambercite offers you a unique and valuable perspective and helps find patents that are often missed by other tools that use key-words, semantics and or class codes

Our comprehensive patent database covers over 100 million patents, representing over 50 million families, from almost 100 jurisdictions around the world. The data is continuously optimised and updated to include the latest publications from around the world. approximately 23,000 new patents are added each week.

The Trial Mode is designed to show you the speed, quality and efficiency you can gain by using Ambercite, either alone or as a complement to your keyword and language based tools. The case studies below show the trial version is capable of.


Case studies for trial version

Regardless of the above limitations, the trial version of Ambercite can still provide real value. We have prepared a couple of case studies found via the links below.

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Limitations of trial version: The Trial version is fully functional, except:- Results are limited to 20 (25, but 5 are hidden), vs 2,000 in the full version. Results cannot be exported from the trial version and finally you are limited to 21 days or 20 searches. 

Also neither Ambercite Ai or Amberscope work in the now aging Internet Explorer browser. We suggest that you instead use this in any up to date browser - Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc. 

To see the detailed difference between this Trial Version and the full product, Click here.