AmberScope combines 150+ million patent citations to show you the most similar and most important patents connected to your starting patent. A variety of features can help make the results shown to you in a fully interactive webpage, as shown in the video.

Want to know how to interpret the bubble chart? Only 5 things you need to know. Read more below:

  • The most similar patents can easily be recognised as those with thicker lines connecting them to the focus patent (starting patent).
  • Important patents in the same area can easily be recognised as those with the largest bubble sizes.
  • Simple filters let you focus on patents that are:
  1. within a target date range
  2. the most similar to the focus patent
  3. the most important patents connected to the focus patent
  4. or a combination of the above
  • Potential infringements can easily be recognised with arrows showing the ‘flow of ideas’ through the patent network.
  • "Ghost patents" shown opaque, are indirectly linked patents, that our algorithms think are relevant to your search, but were missed by the examiner or applicant. 

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