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Interested in seeing for yourself how intuitive Ambercite Ai or Amberscope algorithms can quickly and easily find you patents that may often be missed by conventional keyword searching?

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Mike LloydSenior Vice-President of Business Development
Ph +61 419 103 533

Mike is our first point of contact for new clients.

Gavan FarleyChief Executive Officer
Ph +61 420 520 300


J L Wilkins, North American Sales & Customer Support

Ph + 1 415 373 0518


Juergen WieshoffBusiness Development, Europe
Ph +49 7773 93768-94





Ambercite Pty Ltd
ABN 71 154 692 707
Level 10, 161 Collins St, Melbourne,
Victoria 3000, Australia
Ph +61 3 9243 8315

North America

J.L. Wilkins

Sales & Customer Support

+ 1 415 373 0518


Juergen Wieshoff - Sales Manager Europe/DACH

+49 7773 93768-94